An Introduction to the Arts

Finding the Right Cross Stitch Supplies for Your Project

by Ethel White

Needlework is a fine art that stretches back over centuries of history. If you're looking for an activity that's both therapeutic and rewarding, it's hard to go wrong with cross stitch. In order to be successful, you need to find the right supplies for your project. Here's what to look for at your arts and crafts store.

The Right Thread

When you purchase a cross stitch pattern, it should feature a thread guide. This guide will tell you which colour threads you need and how many skeins you require. Usually, the guide will tell you the DMC colour you require for your pattern. Pay close attention to finding the right colours, as even going one number out of place can impact the end result. To accompany your skeins, choose needles that are easy for you to thread through but that aren't so wide they'll damage your fabric.

Adequate Fabric

It's best to choose a fabric that's in a light colour so that you can see the progress of your pattern as you stitch. Popular material is Aida, as it's easy to create square stitches and see where you're placing your needle. Aida is also ideal for keeping taut when you place it in your embroidery hoop.

Embroidery Hoops

Your embroidery hoop allows you to keep fabric stable as you stitch your way through the pattern. If you're starting out with this hobby, you may want to buy a multipack of hoops of different sizes. That way, you can accommodate a variety of patterns and stitch them with ease. Hoops also make it easy for you to store your work between stitching sessions.

Storage Tools

When you have lots of different fabric colours, staying organised is crucial. This is especially the case when you no longer have the DMC label that identifies the colour you're using. Try buying storage boxes and label them with the right DMC number for your thread so you always choose the correct one when completing your pattern.

Other Essentials

Scissors, needle threaders, needle minders and seam rippers all come in handy when you're cross stitching. They allow you to deftly move between colours and undo any mistakes you make. Your local arts and crafts store should feature all the tools you need. By purchasing them at the start of your stitching journey, you can make sure that your experience runs smoothly from start to finish. As your competence and confidence grow, you can move onto patterns that are more complex.

For more information on art supplies, contact an arts and crafts store near you.