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Essential Facts About Custom Canvas Prints

by Ethel White

Canvas prints are an artistic way of showing off your collection of photos. Unlike a canvas painting, a canvas print is rendered on canvas from an inkjet printer. After printing, a canvas is stretched to fit in a frame for display. However, you can also go for a frameless canvas print. Here are some essential facts about custom canvas prints.

Frame and Canvas 

Although canvas prints should be hung away from direct sunlight to prevent fading, you should be mindful of humidity and temperature, which can affect a frame. Therefore, choose a frame that is kiln-dried to reduce the moisture content to 8% or less. A stretcher frame should be finger jointed to get the best results when wrapping a canvas. Kiln drying helps to prevent joints from breaking apart due to uncontrolled loss of moisture. Besides, drying mitigates against warping of a frame over time. When choosing a canvas, you should consider several factors, such as size and stretching ability. For instance, while linen canvas produces sharper images, it can be challenging to stretch it into a frame, especially for novices. Therefore, beginners should start working with cotton canvas because it stretches easily.

Stretcher Keys 

Over time, a canvas absorbs moisture and starts to sag. The sagging can affect the aesthetic quality of your art. However, you can invest in a keyable stretcher that helps to adjust a canvas in a frame to prevent sagging. The key fits into a canvas frame's tongue-and-groove joints. As you adjust the key, also referred to as keying, a frame expands slightly tightening a canvas. You can find keys for custom canvas frames of different sizes, wood type and shape.

Frame Design 

The frame profile, coupled with enough bracing, is crucial to ensure the stability of a frame when stretching a canvas. Bracing supports the bars of a frame from bending inwards under tension. Besides, there are different thickness profiles of canvas frames to choose from. Thicker profiles offer extra protection with adequate setback between a frame and a canvas. For large prints, you can opt for heavy-duty frames for added protection and longevity of your artwork.

Image Resolution 

If you are planning to display your artwork, you should print clear and sharp images on a canvas. Therefore, you should set your printer's resolution to the highest level for accurate reproduction of photos. Low resolution can lead to the printing of poor-quality images on canvas.

For more information, reach out to a local artist that offers portrait canvas prints.