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Memorial Plaques For Pets: 5 Reasons To Choose Granite

by Ethel White

When a beloved pet passes on after many happy years of companionship, it's only natural to want to commemorate their life with some kind of physical memorial. A memorial plaque is a dignified and touching way to memorialise deceased pets and animal companions both large and small, without investing in a full-sized memorial that can cost thousands of dollars.

Choosing what material your pet's memorial plaque will be made from can be challenging, as there is a huge variety of potential materials. However, traditional granite is still considered the best choice by many professional memorial makers, and for good reason. This unique natural stone has a number of advantages that make it ideal for any pet memorial plaque.

What are the advantages of choosing a granite memorial plaque to commemorate my pet?

Exceptional durability

One of the main reasons granite is such a popular material for creating plaques and other memorials is its excellent durability. This dense, igneous rock is particularly weather-resistant and can shrug off decades of abuse from heavy rains and scorching sunshine. This durability of granite ensures that your pet's memorial plaque will be a lasting reminder of their life for years to come, and also ensures that any designs or lettering on the plaque will not be worn away over time.


A well-made memorial plaque made from high-quality granite will most likely not be cheap. However, granite is one of the more cost-effective materials that can be used to create memorial plaques, and granite will usually set you back significantly less than marble, bronze or other popular choices. Despite this, granite's reputation as a premium, luxury material will ensure that granite memorials do not look cheap or tacky.

Choice of colours

If you choose granite for your pet's memorial plaque, you are not limited to the traditional black granite used to make high-end kitchen countertops. Granite can be sourced in a wide variety of colours and shades, and each piece of granite has a unique patina that ensures your pet's memorial plaque will be truly unique. Having your memorial plaque made by granite memorial specialists should ensure you have a wide variety of granite styles to choose from.

Compatible with laser etching

However, there is one big advantage to sticking with traditional black granite. Unlike other stones used to create plaques, such as marble, black granite is compatible with laser etching, a sophisticated method of engraving that can be used to create intricate designs, ornate cursive writing, and even photo-realistic reproductions of a photograph of your pet. A black granite memorial plaque etched with a realistic portrait of your pet is a truly unique memorial to any four-legged companion.